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Ben Macready
23/05/17 15:28.07
Hey guys, I know Alex has already mentioned this but I feel it's a point worth reiterating. Please vote in our society elections, we need at least 20% of those who've paid for AGS membership to vote in order for the results to count, and thus for the society to continue to exist next year. I don't mind if you vote for myself or Leo as secretary, I don't even mind if you press the little 'no preferred candidates button' just as long as you log on and cast a vote of some description.

The deadline is 4:00pm tomorow, so make sure to vote now to ensure that we can have another awesome year of tabletop gaming fun. :)

Richard Bellingham commented:
As an associate member I don't get to see who's standing etc. Are there candidates for all positions?
Alex Field
20/05/17 14:04.18
As it's pretty windy we're currently in Red room, (pending being told to move along)
Ben Macready
20/05/17 13:01.18
Are we in the usual room this week, or is that booked for exams?
Leo Burns commented:
You know what, why don't I just go and check now,,,
Leo Burns commented:
Yes, yes they are. What shall we do? I was hoping to try another D&D oneshot today...
Ben Macready commented:
Oh darn, err we could try Dolche Vita again I guess. If you're in Keynes atm, you could scout around and see if there are any free rooms.
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Connor Lockyer
17/05/17 15:50.12
Ladies and Gentlemen this is your president speaking. Term is starting again soon but as you may know room bookings need to be made a week in advance. We are having some challenges with the booking system at the moment, so please bear in mind that if you have a game or event happening early on in the term we will make every effort to get it booked for you but cannot make any promises at this time. In the mean time if you wish to make a booking request please fill in the Google form in the link provided.

Thank you for your co-operation

Alex Field commented:
If I had a room booked on a regular basis last term, do I need to re-request it this term?
Connor Lockyer commented:
Yes, the timetabling office does not allow bookings to carry over between terms.
David Stibbards commented:
Hi Connor I submitted a booking request for Friday 27th but forgot to ask for it to be recurring. Can you let me know if it will be possible?
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Timothy Mc
16/05/17 16:36.34
Long long ago in a county far far away (from where I am now) I was a part of this society and now seek your help once more.

During my final year I started designing my own tabletop RPG which experienced its very first combat playtest at a saturday meeting, 4 years later I desperately need more playtesters to try it out and find the flaws in my creation.

It's a high fantasy game with an emphasis on attempting to maintain a reasonable degree of realism. Knowing however that this isn't everyone's cup of tea many of the rules are modular and can be played with for a more immersive and complex adventure or without for a faster paced and more simple game.

If you've ever been frustrated about Armour acting more like dodge or damage having no real impact on your abilities then please check it out.

The entire thing is set in a world of my creation and the world guide in addition to containing the bestiary contains several pages of lore dating back millenia (if you're into that sort of thing)

Be aware that the rulebook gets changed every several months as I adjust details or add features, At this point the changes should be mostly minor (unless you wonderful playtesters uncover something severely broken) but will usually require some amount of character re-writing to take the changes into account.

Even if you can't commit to playtesting any comments produced by just reading through the rule book or trying out character creation is of value to me. Thanks for your time
Leo Burns commented:
Realism is in fact my cup of tea, I'd be interested in helping out. Have you got a campaign that I would join?
Alex Field
15/05/17 11:54.19
Hello, just a reminder that nominations are open for next years committee and we really need people willing to stand for Treasurer and Secretary (or President too I guess if you don't want me to run un-opposed, but who cares about democracy right).
The deadline for nominations is the 19th and then we need at something like 20% of members to actually vote during the following week.