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Clare Brambling-Wells
22/06/17 22:45.51
Hi folks! Does anyone in the Canterbury area make their own dungeon terrain (foamboard, kapa board, palight type stuff, rather than cardboard/polystyrene)?
David Challoner commented:
Paul Carolan might be able to offer some advice after making sewers for our Stalingrad game.
David Challoner
18/06/17 09:30.49
Folks if anyone is still in Canterbury on July 21st and is interested in learning more about Wild West Exodus come an join the Friday Night Fire Fight Club as we host the Warcradle Trailblazers.
Aaron Main
16/06/17 16:48.04
Hi guys! It's Dark Imperium release day tomorrow and I thought i'd let you know whats happening here at chaos cards! We've have got a huge weekend planned! Make sure you come in and say Hi! We've got RPGs going on for FREE as well as having Warhammer displays for you to come and play with! And there is a raffle, who wants to win a Dark Imperium set? It's only £2 Per ticket! Oh and Sunday is our painting boot camp day so come in and paint your new/old armies!
- Aaron
Mark Loftus
14/06/17 23:56.34
Want to get that role-playing fix, but no-one around. Try listening to the Chimpions RPG actual play podcast.

Aaron Main
12/06/17 16:45.34
Hello everyone! Aaron from Chaos Cards here. Just so you all know, we host many different events every month! There's miniatures gaming, RPGs, TCGs, LCGs, Board games (we have a wide selection in our board games library which is £3 per person!) We are also holding a painting bootcamp this month! You can either bring your own miniatures or use some of our spares in store, our staff member that is running the even has been painting for over 20 years! All the information you need is on our facebook page (linked below) any queries you can email me at or message me on facebook! Thanks guys!
James Gaunt
10/06/17 16:15.57
Anyone else turning up?
Leo Burns commented:
I will do an a bit, just finishing off some revision...
Leo Burns commented:
How many are there?
James Gaunt commented:
2 of us no games. We're just sat outside the room chatting.
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