Reece Teape
27/09/16 12:53.12
Any magic players?
Wesley Griffiths commented:
There are a few of us who meet on Wednesdays at 18:00 in KS5 :)
Jack Wierenga commented:
I haven't played standard in ages, but I love Commander and have an almost complete legacy deck.
Andrew Moran
27/09/16 12:46.09
So Hogwarts have a sorting hat on pottermore -

We should use this quiz as our sorting hat from the original wizards :)

Richard Bellingham commented:
Lawful Neutral.
Jeremy Closs
26/09/16 20:03.50
Hey fellow adventurers,
I probably should have mentioned this at the meeting on Saturday, but I chickened out, so I'm doing it here instead!

I'd be very interested in DM'ing a 5e DnD campaign, with a classic DnD swords and sorcery setting. I'd be looking for anywhere from 2-6 players of any experience level - whether you're brand new to RP'ing, or if you've been playing for years. I tend to play light-hearted, very low pressure, so if you're looking for grim and grimy, hardcore-everything-is-trying-to-kill-you, this probably wouldn't be the group for you.

I'm a commuter student here in Canterbury, so please keep that in mind while expressing interest. We'd meet at my house, which is down Wincheap, near the Morrisons/Dunelm - pretty easy to get to via bus. I'm flexible with days/times.
Please comment or message me if you're interested!
Robb Pryde commented:
I'm potentially interested but not sure when or even if I'll have time to. Just wanted to register my interest and hopefully I'll have a better idea of when I'm free soon.
Issy Hartmann commented:
I'm interested but a total beginner
Chris Grant Raper commented:
I might be interested. Played a few campaigns but certainly not an experienced player.
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James Galloway
26/09/16 19:26.53
Anyone who would like room bookings for RPG sessions this term, please post here and I'll start trying to get bookings.
Annabel Baynes commented:
I'd like to book a room for this term!
Finn Weldin commented:
Could we book a room this term? We need a place every thursday this term that can fit a good amount of people in it, preferably in the evening, thanks for any response! :D
Katherine Harrap commented:
Can I have a room on tuesdays for this term from 6pm onwards?
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Louis Holmes
26/09/16 18:16.26
steampunk post-apocalypse one shot RPG.
Was anyone interested in playing? I was talking LARP so much I forgot to check =P
looking for 6 people, will play it at an upcoming Saturday meeting.
Bill Sheikh commented:
Am down.
Bill Sheikh commented:
Which system?
Louis Holmes commented:
Will use Fate Core by Evil Hat
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Jack Hoayun
26/09/16 15:14.08
Anyone running Pathfinder or 5e games with space for 2 people this Saturday?