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Nathan Rhoden
20/04/17 17:45.44
Hey guys I wanted to find out if anyone was heading to xpress on saturday for the pre-release, I wanna get abit more into magic than just the Os version but looking for people from the uni that might be going
Thomas Rowe
08/04/17 11:57.01
Patrick Ryan commented:
That is a good example of a bad DM. Very good example.
Ben Saw
07/04/17 17:54.21
Hey guys. I was just wondering if AGS was on tomorrow or if it had ended for the term
Connor Lockyer
06/04/17 15:38.55
Ladies and Gentlemen this is your president speaking. Term is starting again soon but as you may know room bookings need to be made a week in advance. We are having some challenges with the booking system at the moment, so please bear in mind that if you have a game or event happening early on in the term we will make every effort to get it booked for you but cannot make any promises at this time. In the mean time if you wish to make a booking request please fill in the Google form in the link provided.

Thank you for your co-operation

Alex Field commented:
If I had a room booked on a regular basis last term, do I need to re-request it this term?
Connor Lockyer commented:
Yes, the timetabling office does not allow bookings to carry over between terms.
David Stibbards commented:
Hi Connor I submitted a booking request for Friday 27th but forgot to ask for it to be recurring. Can you let me know if it will be possible?
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Shaun Harris
06/04/17 14:02.51
Afternoon gamers, I just wanted to know if any Yu-Gi-Oh players here will be going to the regionals in Gillingham on the 23rd.
Louis Holmes
23/03/17 19:05.23
Afternoon gamers!

In around 2 weeks time, Skullduggery larp will be holding their first fantasy larp of they year. and they're only 10 minutes away by bus!

Larp is live action roleplay. Similar to pen and paper rpgs, but you dress up, act out your character and hit people with foam weapons!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, post below or pm me. There's lots of ways to get into it and costume/weapons can be supplied!

Hope to see you there =]
Louis Holmes commented:
Graham John Perry commented:
I like the look of this but can't justify more than one weekend of LARP per month! I'm already going to Empire - see some of you there?