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Cameron Maclean
02/12/16 13:41.43
<- Pokes head into room very shyly...
Cough, um, hello, I'm looking to get back into D&D, and am wondering if there is room in you group for an Aussie looking to play and roll a few dice...? are you open to non university students coming to play...?
Richard Bellingham commented:
Hi Cameron! We are indeed welcoming to non-students. You can purchase an associate membership, or you can do most things with us without even becoming a member. There a few people playing D&D; you might find one you can join at
Andrew Moran commented:
Hello Cameron - We are a friendly bunch of people - I would recommend looking at our games list for people running D&D with open slots. You can find it here - If you are in a boardgaming mood we run weekly Board game socials on Campus on Saturday. RPG's happen occasionally at them but rarely... Xpress Games in town may also hold some RPGs on occasion. EDIT: Also see above ^_^
Cameron Maclean commented:
Great, thanks for the help.
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Rokas Juodeikis
26/11/16 16:00.08
Ross Taylor
Hannah Isobel Morrisroe
24/11/16 17:57.57
Chaos Cards are currently having their Black Friday sale, if any of you are looking for some board/ tcg games there might be some good deals here:
Andrew Moran
21/11/16 12:38.51
I've been having some fun with

To make some D&D homebrew stuff... you should check it out.
Jimmy Pieper commented:
Hello, I am very much liking your homebrew of musketry and firearms. I'm currently running an anachronistic D&D campaign with a bit of emergent firearms in the technology level of the setting. Do you have the PDF/JPEG for this particular idea you're coming up with I could use? I'll give credit where credit is due!
Adam Coleman commented:
Love this site, been using it to make a campaign background document for my currently ongoing 5e campaign :D Can take a bit of getting used to the mark up, but as you can see it looks amazing when it's done
Ben Williams
21/11/16 01:44.38
Hey guys!
I'm putting together a D&D game and looking for players, my games are generally aimed at newer players/complete noobs (although anyone is welcome!)... We'll be playing 5e, theatre of the mind! It's a big campaign and will probably take a few sessions to complete!
If you're interested then feel free to add me on here and drop me a message :)
Katherine Harrap
21/11/16 00:03.47