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Matthew Groves
17/02/17 09:42.49
Myself and 2 of my housemates have relatively recently started our first D&D 5e campaign at home and we were wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a little group of noobies. I'm the DM and so far we've had about 3 sessions and we're now looking to see if anyone wants to join our game for more players.
Let me know if you're interested and we can organise a session.
Bram Goudie commented:
I'd be up for joining you, if you'd have me.
Billy Dixon
16/02/17 15:27.57
Afternoon AGS, I am running a one-shot D&D game this Sunday and am looking for 1-2 people to join.

We will be playing 5e and I'll be starting you off at level 3, so some experience playing 5e is preferable but not required.

Message me if you're interested or reply here if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.
Roger Giner-Sorolla commented:
A few posts down there are people looking for a game ... :)
Andrew Moran
15/02/17 17:57.37
X wing Meta ^___^
Andrew Moran commented:
Which reminds me - Blackwells on Campus has Core Set's of Xwing for £15.
Richard Bellingham
15/02/17 16:53.49
Andrew Moran
15/02/17 13:33.31
Richard Bellingham commented:
Emma Ruth Fahy
08/02/17 19:26.34
Hey, myself and Ben Wye are interested in joining a game of d n d, we're very interested and have watched streams online but have never played? Was wondering if anyone was planning on starting a game or had an advice. We would prefer to play 5th edition
Sam Moore commented:
I have a game of 7 atm but if you're desperate to join a game then you certainly can if the others are ok with it, and once I've got a room booked