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Andrew Moran
20/01/17 16:32.31
Mike Sault commented:
Jake John commented:
No Vice allowed
Graham John Perry
19/01/17 14:47.03
Hi! Are there any fantasy/combat LARPs in the area? (I live in Dover and work for CCCU in Canterbury) I mainly play Empire and Curious Pastimes, but it's a long wait to the next event and I'd like to get some practice in.
Louis Holmes commented:
HI Graham. There is Skullduggery larp just north of Canterbury. Next event may be Febuary, but there will be an event in April for sure
Kit Blundell commented:
I would recommend skullduggery larp as well. You can check them out on youtube. They have a facebook page on here. And here's a link to their rulebook
Connor Lockyer
18/01/17 15:41.29
Another brief announcement. We are gaming again this Saturday the 21st in KS15. Come and play some board games!
Or don't.
I'm the president not a cop!

Happy tuesday
Thomas Rowe commented:
You will come or be hunted down mwahaha!
Andrew Moran commented:
Andrew Moran
18/01/17 15:40.09
Weta Does Boardgaming

Connor Lockyer
17/01/17 19:09.46
The first batch of room bookings have been issued. If you booked a room through the google form please check your e-mails. I have forwarded a copy of the room booking receipts issued to me from the timetabling office. They provide details of the rooms you have booked and will also serve as good evidence if anyone challenges your booking of that room.
Also a quick reminder to leave the rooms that you book in good condition.

Have a good one.
Andrew Moran
17/01/17 15:43.26
This week in Kickstarter:
Ruth Attwood commented:
Adam! :o
Seb Riches commented:
Let's just hope it doesn't take as long as it does in-game to get to a federal corvette. Aka 2+ years