Bill Sheikh
24/08/16 19:55.30
Hey all. I'll be joining the uni in September and was wondering if there is any dark heresy/rogue trader players?

You guys doing any events during welcome week?
Andrew Moran commented:
Hey Bill, Glad to see you've found us, We will be holding our famous Board Game Social in Welcome Week. The Group has many Roleplayers DH/RT being quite popular. I will post a link to our Events Group on Monday ^_^
Jo Pearson commented:
I'm also joining the Uni in September and would be up for anything. Call of Cthulhu, Broken Rooms, D&D, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Rogue Trader... ^_^
Louis Holmes
19/08/16 23:30.11
A-levels are out.
The freshers are coming!
Mark Ravenwood commented:
By land or by sea?
Andy Harsent commented:
These days they email them
Charlie Dougal commented:
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Charlie Dougal
19/08/16 15:13.20
Rule of awesome says: Let it happen
Lawrence Aldridge
18/08/16 11:27.42
is this group still active? is there a weekly meeting or anything and what kinda stuff is played?
Louis Holmes commented:
Page quiets down when it's not term time but the AGS is very much still active. Weekly meetings are Satudays, playing board games, card games. RPGs run during the week and larp events are every month/ couple of months =]
Andrew Moran commented:
Will be back in September during Freshers Week with events and Board Games!
Paul Carolan commented:
The wargamers are still active on a friday night, currently in Keynes.
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David Stibbards
15/08/16 09:44.51
Has anyone played Star Trek Ascendancy? I love Star Trek etc but this is a big outlay that I'd rather hear more opinions on.
Andrew Moran
09/08/16 23:04.20