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Ignacio Mendez Iglesias
20/10/16 13:40.06
Magic players, I´d like to play some day, Are you meeting somewhere?
Seb Riches commented:
I've only kinda started recently. Got one deck "built" with a few more on the way.
Ignacio Mendez Iglesias commented:
Our kitchen is dirty af, what about the library at the Main campus next to essentials? (Actually I don´t know wether or not we can play there)
Annabel Baynes commented:
KS5 on Wednesdays from 6pm till 11 is open for Magic players if you want to play against people there as well :)
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James Gaunt
19/10/16 22:40.26
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen of AGS
Another shameless post from a DM looking for players.
It's on the games list already but for those of you that don't use it/haven't used it yet, I'm looking for a few more players for my 5e campaign. The only requirement is that your character have a hilarious flaw or quirk that you can roleplay. The gameplay itself will not be combat heavy but there will be a fair amount.
The story is as follows:
The Nameless Trine
Ring City has always been plagued by the goblin nuisance of the nearby mountains, but they were nothing more than that, a nuisance. The City guard had the matter in hand ... Until they became organised.
It started slowly, a few more caravan raids than normal, rumours from survivors of Goblin armies hiding in the forests. The inner ring dismissed it hearsay, rumour, nonsense. Now they call for any and all Adventurers, Mercenaries, anyone who can wield a sword and cut down a goblin really.
Our story follows one group of said sword wielders as they cast themselves into the fray for coin, but at what risk? Slumbering gods return to the mortal plane, demons break free of their material bonds and even reports of long extinct dragons far to the north.
The goblin tides are the least of your worries if you wish to survive to fight another day, though who can you really trust when nothing makes sense.
Madness dwells within the hearts of all, if you know where to look.

Homebrew is welcome. Comedy is not optional.
Message me for more info.
Joseph Charbonneaux commented:
I really am interested! :)
Thomas Rowe commented:
ooooohhh :D
Jamie Taylor commented:
Go to the ags website and put a notice up there too james
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Howard Burroughs
16/10/16 19:57.52
did anyone notice any bags left in the main room after Saturday's meet up? I might have left mine there, it's black and had "howies" on it
Connor Lockyer commented:
When we packed up there was nothing left in the room.
Jake John commented:
you've been had mate
Howard Burroughs commented:
fair enough, i think i know where to look next. thanks
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Adam Coleman
15/10/16 11:45.44
Good afternoon AGS!

I wish to make it known that there are still two available slots for my D&D 5e campaign I'm planning to run on Saturday evenings. For those of you who may have missed the blurb on the intro meeting, the concept of the campaign is as follows:

Ten years ago, a bunch of young, naive adventurers lucked into a conspiracy to ignite a regional war, and consequently saved the world. They went their separate ways, promising to stay in touch... until real life got in the way.

Now, the world needs these heroes again, but with their lives having been ruined in various ways - the death of family, an alcoholism problem, or just a descent into less than savoury business to pay rent - can they muster up the necessary commitment to give enough of a damn about the world to save it one more time?

My intention is to get a party of 6 10th level characters, and I have 4 confirmed and one possible, the larger group size is to allow for a more varied amount of inter-party interaction, as your falls from grace and general character and roleplaying will be a huge part of the campaign.

So far the party consists of - as you would remember them - a young monk on a quest to seek knowledge away from her temple, a happy-go-lucky bard with a penchant for changing faces, and a pair of elven twins, a rogue and a sorceror, who fought on the battlefield as one cohesive entity.

Only you know what's happened to you in the interim. Any interested parties, feel free to let me know. Ideally I'm looking for people with experience who are comfortable with deep roleplaying and interaction, and familiarity with D&D is a plus! :)
Andy Harsent commented:
Go use the new games list, Adam ... there are at least a couple of people on there that have said they want to play D&D 5E ;)
Alastair Reher commented:
If there is still space, I'd be interested in playing, I've also sent you a message on Facebook
Adam Coleman commented:
Jake and Alastair, are you guys going to be at today's meeting? If so I can bring up books and we can discuss ideas and maybe run through some character gen with you? :) Theres no session tonight as a number of people can;t make it, but that means that everyone can be there for the first sesh next week.
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Connor Lockyer
15/10/16 11:16.27
Hello all
I am writing this to propose we hold another committee meeting on Saturday, say at about 12:00pm in Dolce Vita in Keynes. As per the university rules all members are welcome if they have issues they want to raise or suggestions they want to make.
Andrew Moran commented:
Is there an agenda?
Inko Gnito commented:
Will you buy me a drink
James Galloway commented:
Sorry, I won't be able to make two Saturdays in a row
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Tom Horsman
14/10/16 23:29.41
I know a few members here are stick users and I am soon to be certified into your clandestine ranks. Oh what secrets I shall learn.

Where in Canterbury can I get a walking stick adjusted to my height? I don't mind paying but the only place that springs to mind as a possibility is Timpson, the key-cutter types.

Any thoughts? Google not being very forthcoming.

One suggestion I've had has been a place in ashford but I was hoping for something a little less far afield while I don't have the stick to actually use
Richard Bellingham commented:
You might have some success with an adjustable stick from an outdoorsy mountainy warehousy sort of place?
Stephen O commented:
I could send the boy into the woods to get a stick and give him a knife to cut it to size. What could go wrong?
Sadie Macintyre commented:
Not sure if it's what you're looking for but Argos sell walking sticks from £7.99.
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